a few short Homeless Documentaries

The Scoops are Coming – Peter Menchini

The Super Bowl means more money for the rich, but the homeless are in the way. #Pay2Play I don’t own the rights to any of this, except the OccupySF sequence. This is not for profit and for educational purposes only.

1st They Came for the Homeless Sit-Lie Protest 27 Nov 2015
– Peter Menchini

Criminalizing the homeless only makes the problem less visible to aid people who prefer not to know. Now, Mayor Ron Conway, I mean Ed Lee, says he will shove all the homeless out of the city for the Super Bowl. Of course, he’s the reason many of these people are homeless.


March On Greed: Housing is a Human Right! 26 Feb 2014
– Peter Menchini

On 26 February 2014, Eviction Free San Francisco and the San Francisco housing justice movement marched to the offices of serial evictor Kaushik Dattani, where they picketed his real estate business. Named one of the notorious “Dirty Dozen”, Mr. Dattani is a serial evictor of long-time Mission residents, seniors, families and the disabled.
Now Dattani is evicting Patricia Kerman, a disabled senior and 27-year tenant, and her roommate Tom Rapp, who has been here 15 years.
Join us, and stand in solidarity with those who have been evicted or live in fear of being evicted, and say NO MORE EVICTIONS in the name of greed. Let’s bring the eviction crisis to the doors of the landlords, and let them see that we won’t let Tom, Patricia, or any of our neighbors loose their homes without a fight.


Pride 2014: Eviction = Homelessness
from Peter Menchini

During the parade, some activists staged some street theater about evictions and homelessness. I’d also interviewed a man who’d suffered greatly from his eviction.