The people who operate Occupy Homeless believe that by supporting each other and working as community, we can bring about positive change for all. It is in the giving of time and lifting people up that we make a difference. We are glad that You wish to assist us in these efforts. We envision a world where everyone has a safe, decent, affordable and accessible home. With your help, we’re making that vision a reality.

Occupy homeless mission statement:

We want to help people get access to affordable permanent housing. Making the use of shelters only as a short-term program. Demand training for shelter staff that serve the homeless and their needs. Some sort of oversight for these places is a must! Working on a case by case basis to see that their mental, and physical health are evaluated and those needs properly addressed in a timely fashion. Start a prevention programs to help people live as independently as possible, and reduce the need for emergency systems of care in the community. Build alliances with the homeless community to better understand the effects of homelessness.

It is our dream to one day own and operate a working farm that accommodates those in critical need of shelter and wish to cooperate in the operation of our sanctuary. Tiny houses, tents communal building. A volunteer staff composed of doctors, mental and healthcare providers, artists, craftsmen/women, teachers of every type, including musicians, writers, life skill coaches and clergy would also be welcome and encouraged.

We’ve been working under this current name for almost 4 years, although we have been working within and for the homeless community for much longer. Two of us started helping in the mid-80’s, all of us, soon after. Up until recently, we neither asked for nor received any outside help with our projects. We merely gave time and supplies as we could. Now, we’re in need of computers and other equipment, we’re requesting funds for things like domain registration and upkeep. And please keep in mind, the two primary admins of this page will be homeless again soon.

~ gnat – atomgnat – gnatInTheHat – gnatHatter – gnatMadder – gnattinghamForest – ??? got another name with gnat in it? One for yourself?

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