Our Occupy Homeless Facebook page is still central or home-base at this point. There may be some content here, that’s not there, but there’s far more content on that page at this time. http://www.facebook.com/OccupyHomeless

Twitter we are: @Occupy_Homeless – our twitter feed is at the bottom of each page

We are still in the process of building www.OccupyHomeless.com – we need funding and/or web design and content editors. There is a PayPal Donate button here and on the website. Thank You for helping us help the homeless and those in need, by donating to the project!

This page and all of our work is meant to be a community project, your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, hints and allegations will be taken into consideration. . . No really, we want to hear from You and about You. Especially if you’d like to share your own story about homelessness and/or poverty. 

Thanks ~ Occupy Homeless Crew, that has been or is currently facing homelessness – Gnat, Gnat-one-ette, PhotoGnat and ArtsyGnat!


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