Some Dogs run away – some people didn’t


Not all dogs are neglected. Some of them are very good escape artists and others just wander away and get lost.

Just like all homeless people are NOT drunks or drug addicts or lazy.

While some groups depend upon our compassion to rescue animals, they edit the truth, presenting one side only.

Others do the same when it comes to helping the poorest and homeless.

Both groups do these things for many reasons, some of those reasons are job security and personal income. Profit.

When we see signs or read articles telling us to not give money to ‘the homeless’, look deep enough and you’ll find those that operate some program or another, that want the money that you may have given to that desperate person.

At the very least, those organisations receive money from both state and federal agencies, that money is dependent upon the number of people served.

If you give money to the homeless, they are less likely to seek those places for help…

Amazingly, many of us homeless refuse to seek those places and for very good reasons. If you would like us to talk about those reasons, please ask.

We hesitate to discuss those things, because they are very hard to talk about. And the stories are anecdotal in nature, no one keeps a record of the rapes, robberies and beatings that happen within these places. It’s bad for business.

~ gnat



Author: AtomGnat Twitter @Occupy_Homeless

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