Occupy Homeless

Earlier this week we shared a comic to our FaceBook Page addressing the need to do a little more than just seeing and acknowledging the problems with poverty and homelessness. Because it got little attention in the Facebook-normal sense of the word, i suppose the basic message got across, but the whole idea behind the message kept bothering me… it tried to write about it, and couldn’t find the words… i tried to ignore it, the comic kept getting in my face… So i decided that i’d remake the whole thing, using an actual person to bring this awareness a small step forward.


Somewhere between the insult and the irony expressed in this graphic, stands a small truth that we should really consider. That is, IF we are serious about seeing a change to this all too common, story.

It really does start with each of us choosing to do one small thing for someone else. It means, purchasing a bag of socks, and giving those socks to a few people. It means, buying an extra sandwich and giving it to the man or woman standing on the corner. It means, donating our time to a shelter, mission, or some other outreach program. It means, giving a dollar to this project and also sharing our content. It means, helping us to develop stories that you yourself would like to see on our pages. Basically, we’re asking each of us, to help each other.

Or we can keep waiting on the same groups to do things that supposedly help, but got us right where we are. ~ gnat


Author: AtomGnat

www.OccupyHomeless.com www.Facebook.com/OccupyHomeless Twitter @Occupy_Homeless

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