… servitude and abject poverty…

the taker

“Sure, sign me up for a life of servitude and abject poverty, where all of my labor enriches ‘the ruler’, so that he can live a life of leisure and plenty. I’ll strip the land that i live upon bare for years without end, so that the ‘Land Lord’ can have a nice house and things created from the resources that once gave my people enough. Let me work away my life and health, only to be discarded once my use to the Master is gone. Then once i have nothing, I’ll beg for a little food and safe shelter, and live a painful while longer with the name that the Owner of my worth calls me – “the taker”.” ~ tom garner

[the photo was taken from an article on the following page. The photographer of the original image is stated there. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/21/us/50-years-into-the-war-on-poverty-hardship-hits-back.html — text added to image by OccupyHomeless staff]


Author: AtomGnat

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