Hello New Friends! Wow!

Shared from http://www.Facebook.com/OccupyHomeless page:

Hello New friends and those that have been here all along.. we don’t know what caused this page to suddenly take off, but we are grateful and humbled to see these page likes flow in at the rate of about 100 per seven day period. 1,071 today! Wow!

We try to interact and comment as best we can, and we really do hope that each of us can become better friends and associates. That happens when we attempt to get to know one another and that happens by sharing about yourselves as we try to share who we are with you – yes You.
So, if you have a question, please ask.. if you have a suggestion or a need, state it and we’ll see if we can collectively make that happen.
Of course this page is going to be talking about some really hard topics, last winter, we mourned as a friend from the streets, froze to death. 😥 At the same time, we try to stay hopeful and happy, not always easy, but it does happen when we all try to remember that someone near by needs to be cheered up or on! (btw, i depend greatly on my cheerleaders, i hope that you know who you are and that i’m so very grateful)
If you want to write an article for us, please do. In our “Our Stories…” photo album, you can see some examples of things that we enjoy creating with others that walk or have walked the path that we are still walking.. the intent there is to show those that have not walked in our shoes, what it’s really like and who we really are.
As of now, this one little ‘gnat’ has gained a total of 5 in my tiny swarm, we all know that 1 or 3 little gnats is no problem and easily ignored… maybe if we reach a bigger amount of swarming gnats, we’ll get noticed?
~ gnat (atomgnat), with, Gnat-one-ette, ArtsyGnat, PhotoGnat and DocGnat – yes, that’s a for real doctor, although never homeless and seldom seen on this page 😉

Author: AtomGnat

www.OccupyHomeless.com www.Facebook.com/OccupyHomeless Twitter @Occupy_Homeless

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